Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I haven't written much about the Valerie Plame leak, but Swopa at Needlenose linked to this Philadelphia Inquirer story yesterday and I picked up the distinct odor of rat:

The FBI agent in charge of investigating whether top Bush administration officials leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent as political payback against her husband has been named to head the Philadelphia FBI office.

FBI Director Robert Mueller has designated John C. Eckenrode, a 29-year veteran, to be special agent in charge of the Philadelphia division, the agency announced today....

Jerri Williams, a spokeswoman for the local FBI office, said it is not unheard of for an agent heading a high-level probe to be transferred before the probe is finished....

As Swopa points out, there was a previous a previous attempt to get Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the case, to quit and run for Senate in Illinois. Yup, that's definitely rat I smell.

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