Saturday, July 24, 2004

The 10 members of the 9/11 Commission are releasing their big report this week. Under other circumstances, the issuance of this document could have made them the toasts of America — the wisest of the wise, the cool-headed analysts who sorted through all the data and information and made important judgments that would help make this country safe.

Instead, the report will effectively be dead on arrival.

--John Podhoretz in Tuesday's New York Post

House and Senate leaders yesterday rushed forward with promises to overhaul intelligence agencies quickly following damaging findings by the Sept. 11 commission, casting aside earlier doubts that Congress would tackle such complicated and politically divisive legislation this year.

The White House also signaled that President Bush may consider intelligence reforms before the November elections, contrary to earlier suggestions that such a move was unlikely.

The rapid responses underscored the deep impact of Thursday's 567-page "9/11 Commission Report"...

--Washington Post story today

What happened, Johnny Pod -- did you buy that crystal ball secondhand from the guy who wrote Dow 36,000?

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