Wednesday, June 30, 2004


The Blue Lemur reports:

Conservative commentators have been coming to Cheney's defense, adding their own repartee to Cheney’s now-infamous 'go fuck yourself' remark to Vermont senator Patrick Leahy.

On June 25, Mark R. Levin – a WABC radio talk show filling in for regular ABC Radio host Sean Hannity on his radio program The Sean Hannity Show, addressed Senator Leahy on Cheney’s behalf:

LEVIN: By the way, Senator Leahy out there, "F-you."

Rush Limbaugh, on vacation June 25, added his insight on June 28:

LIMBAUGH: "You expect me to come over here and act like you’re my friend after all this rotgut garbage you’re saying about me? F-you."

LIMBAUGH: "F-you. You aren’t my friend; I don't want you in my company. And I'm not going to smile when I'm around you, because you don't deserve my friendship. You haven't earned my friendship. You are my enemy. And I'm not going to come here and put on a show, phony-baloney show that says I like you, and that we are convivial, and that are we are colleagues, and all we do is disagree in the daytime, but at night we go out and have a beer. F-you. I don't want to have a beer with you. I don't want to be anywhere near you. I don't like you. You do not deserve my friendship, and don't act like we’re friends here."

Limbaugh added:

LIMBAUGH: [A]ll he [Cheney] did, was suggest a certain sexual practice that Senator Leahy try on himself.


...insults and rage impede understanding.

--Nicholas Kristof, in one of several columns he has written for The New York Times denouncing harsh language by Democrats and liberals; this blog is not aware of any Kristof column that has focused primarily on intemperate language by Republicans and conservatives

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