Friday, June 11, 2004

Good cartoon about Reagan.

And the friend who told me about it also has this letter in today's Boston Globe. I'm really grateful to her for pointing out the Reagan era's "astonishing rise in homelessness and the quick acceptance as morally defensible the desperation of families driven to live on the streets or out of their cars." I split my time between Boston and New York in the '70s and '80s; Boston was hurting in the '70s and New York was literally broke -- yet homelessness in both cities skyrocketed during the boom that took hold by 1984. Even at the time it seemed there was a broad-based loss of memory -- a few years after large numbers of people made there way to the streets, people talked as if they'd always been there. They hadn't. They weren't there during the Carter years. I remember.

I like Tbogg's suggestion concerning who should really be on the $10 bill if they drop Hamilton, and I agree with his thoughts about something that really could be named after the Gipper. Tom Burka has some fake news about Reagan renaming that sounds an awful lot like real news, and yes, as Atrios and others have noted, Charles Pierce's message from Reagan in heaven (based on Peggy Noonan's attempt to channel Paul Wellstone) is priceless.

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