Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yes! I agree with Liberal Oasis 100%:

What if John Kerry took a stand?

What if John Kerry said at least one of the debates should include everyone who is on the ballot in a minimum of, say, 40 states, after which they could revert to Commission rules?

Here's what that could do.

By legitimizing third parties, it could win Kerry some appreciation from a chunk of the 40% the country who do not consider themselves with the major parties.

By displaying a willingness to debate all comers, it would showcase Kerry's self-confidence, and burnish his rep as a thoughtful politician who encourages a free exchange of ideas.

And by proposing a debate that potentially included not just Nader, but the nominees of the anti-government Libertarian Party (Michael Badnarik), the Christian-right Constitution Party (most likely, Michael Peroutka), and possibly the Green Party's David Cobb (if he can fend Nader off this Sat.).

That would put a spotlight on the other, more conservative, third-party contenders, who deserve it as much as Nader does....

It's a no-cost, no-risk move. And the right thing to do too.

As I said in the early days of this blog, that's what Gore's position should have been in 2000.

(Liberal Oasis link via Cursor.)

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