Wednesday, June 16, 2004


"My Life" ... is setting pre-order records on online booksellers...

Come Monday, bookstores in Washington and New York are considering staying open until after midnight for the first official sales of the $35 book.

On, the former president's book is setting a record for the most pre-orders in the autobiography and memoir category, according to a spokeswoman who would not disclose actual figures but said it was outpacing pre-orders of his wife's book by 7-to-1....


Part of the fun is going to be watching as all the conservatives in America try to execute a group 180. All last week they told us that public tributes to Reagan were proof that Reagan was a great president and an exemplary human being. Next week, however, when crowds -- possibly even larger ones -- turn out for Clinton, right-wing pundits will all declare at once that you simply mustn't pay attention to the braying of the rabble.

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