Monday, June 28, 2004

Just catching up...

...Er, "Clinton summer"? Hell, it wasn't even Clinton week. Michael Moore (and the Supreme Court, and the desperate-for-a-handover Bushies, and a few terrorists with swords) saw to that. The book's selling like hotcakes (still #1 at Amazon as I write this), but it's no longer dominating the headlines, less than a week after its release.

That's how news works nowadays -- stories with no ongoing drama or narrative don't stick. I knew that. You probably did, too. Undoubtedly Clinton knew that -- he sure as hell knew he'd be off the front pages by Democratic Convention time, a whole month from now. So how come Howard Fineman ("June 22 allows Clinton to ride the wave of politics for five months") didn't, and he gets to pontificate for Newsweek?

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