Sunday, June 13, 2004

So I'm looking at polls conducted since June 6 and I'm seeing little or no "Reagan bounce" for Bush. This is good news in and of itself -- it means voters believe, correctly, that Reagan and Bush are two separate people, much to Karl Rove's dismay.

It also suggests that Kerry doesn't have to worry about Clinton's book tour -- it's going to be a spectacle, but voters won't see it as having anything to do with this year's election (in other words, every word of this Howard Fineman column is malarkey).

But here's some bad news: After last week, it's now clear that the press is going to take seriously every bit of sentimental, manipulative foofaraw the Republicans stage for their convention. It's possible Bush will accept the nomination outside Madison Square Garden, although it's not clear where; Republicans insist Ground Zero won't be used. Whatever they have in mind, if it's tear-jerking, superficially patriotic, and visually interesting, the media will eat it up, and there'll be no skepticism whatsoever, if the events of last week are any guide.

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