Thursday, June 10, 2004

The timing and nature of this conversion ... vindicates the Bush anti-terror Doctrine.... From the first days after September 11, Mr. Bush offered state sponsors of terrorism a choice to be with us or against us. If Gadhafi had any doubts about U.S. resolve after the Taliban fell in Afghanistan, they vanished once he saw that Saddam Hussein was also headed for the spider hole of history.

--Wall Street Journal editorial, 12/22/03

BRADLEY: Al Qaeda has become a decentralized collection of regional networks, said to be working autonomously. Does that make them more dangerous today?

RICE: ... we have managed to take away territory that they most want to use -- territory like Afghanistan, they can't function in Sudan, they obviously can't function in places like Libya ...

--Condoleezza Rice, interviewed by Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, 3/28/04

Two Are Said to Tell of Libyan Plot to Kill Saudi Ruler

While the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, was renouncing terrorism and negotiating the lifting of sanctions last year, his intelligence chiefs ordered a covert operation to assassinate the ruler of Saudi Arabia and destabilize the oil-rich kingdom, according to statements by two participants in the conspiracy.

Those participants, Abdurahman Alamoudi, an American Muslim leader now in jail in Alexandria, Va., and Col. Mohamed Ismael, a Libyan intelligence officer in Saudi custody, have given separate statements to American and Saudi officials outlining the plot....

--New York Times story, 6/10/04

Moammar Gadhafi expressed regret Sunday that President Ronald Reagan died before standing trial for 1986 American air strikes that killed the Libyan leader's adopted daughter and 36 other people....

"I express my deep regret because Reagan died before facing justice for his ugly crime that he committed in 1986 against the Libyan children," Libya's official JANA news agency quoted Gadhafi as saying....

--AP story, 6/6/04

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