Monday, February 18, 2013


The latest guilt-by-association McCarthyite smear of Chuck Hagel is at the Daily Caller:
A pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas candidate for the Iranian presidency, a man linked to Iranian-controlled front groups, brought former Republican Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to speak at Rutgers University in 2007, according to another professor on campus.

Hooshang Amirahmadi, who led Rutgers' Center for Middle Eastern Studies when Hagel came to campus, is the founder and president of the American-Iranian Council. He arranged for Hagel’s speech on March 2, 2007, the faculty source told The Daily Caller....
Hmmm ... would that happen to be the same Iranian-American Council that was the subject of this 2008 news story?
Bush supports plan for US thinktank office in Iran

The Bush administration has given a US thinktank the go-ahead to open an office in Iran, in a departure from its strict policy of isolating the Islamic regime.

Clearance was given to the American-Iranian Council amid reports that the White House has shelved plans to open a de facto embassy in Tehran....

The council, a body of academics and former diplomats based in Princeton, New Jersey, was granted a one-year licence by the US treasury's office of foreign assets control....
And would that happen to be this Hooshang Amirahmadi?
Its president, Hooshang Amirahmadi - a joint US-Iranian citizen - is currently in Tehran seeking authorisation from Iranian officials. A final decision is expected in the coming days, with hardliners voicing opposition.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, yesterday called for the application to be rejected after dismissing Amirahmadi as an "insignificant representative" of the US government. "The Americans have already asked for dialogue on several levels, but this has not been accomplished because of their stances, so permitting such a person to open a bureau in Tehran does not accord with our national interests," he told the student news agency, ISNA....
But ... but ... he's as evil a human being as it's possible to be! The Daily Caller told me so! So why was the Bush administration giving him backup, while Iranian hard-liners were dismissing him. Is it possible that the Daily Caller is wrong about evil America-haters' level of America-hate?

Oh, and I see that Admiral William Fallon, who was the head of CENTCOM from March 2007 to March 2008 -- when George W. Bush was president -- addressed the Iranian-American Council in 2011.

Why do George W. Bush and Admiral Fallon hate freedom?


upyernoz said...

the crazy thing is that amirahmadi is running in the iranian election on a platform of recognizing the state of israel, reestablishing relations with the u.s., and ending the iranian nuclear program. regarding hezbollah and hamas, he says the groups should "disarm" and become regular political parties. the daily caller's claim that this is a "pro-hezbollah, pro-hamas" politician is pretty off base.

the daily caller piece also claims that the guardian council has already approved his candidacy, something i think they just made up. just two weeks ago several profiles mentioned that he had not been approved yet and that no one expected that he would (amirahmadi was excluded as a candidate by the GC when he last tried to run in 2005). amirahmadi's campaign web site campaign news section makes no mention that he was unexpectedly approved. i can't find any news source other than this daily caller article that says the guardian council is permitting him to be on the presidential ballot.

Victor said...

Yes, and tomorrow I'll be reading about how they're filibustering Hagel because he likes Hummus, and the Tabouliban, on PETA bread.

BH said...

Har! Kudos, Victor. Made my AM.