Monday, February 11, 2013


We've been told that Senator Marco Dreamboat is doing the official Republican State of the Union response -- but that's just for show, as an extremist, intransigent party tries to put on a moderate, multicultural face. We've been told that the tea party response is being given by Rand Paul -- but that's really just the Paul Dynasty response.

The real Republican response to the State of the Union address is being given, or at least planned, by a man who could probably beat Rubio or Paul handily in the 2016 GOP primaries if he ran. Media, if you want to know what the Republican Party really thinks -- about guns and about everything to do with the president, his speech, and American politics in general -- just cut off the live feed of the two senators, train a camera on Ted Nugent, and let him talk:
Ted Nugent opened up about his plans to attend Tuesday night's State of the Union address this afternoon on talk radio host Mike Broomhead's Phoenix show.

While the man who has called President Obama "vile," "evil," and "psychotic" made sure to say he will "respect the Office of the President" during the speech, he said he will be "taking on the media orgy" after it concludes....
Don't let that be an empty promise, mainstream media. Let the man talk -- at length. Just ask him open-ended questions and encourage the guy who once called Hillary Clinton a "toxic cunt" and recently accused Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of "lisping their ebonic mumbo-jumbo" to say what he really feels.

Because what he really feels is what Republican voters really feel. If you cover Rubio or even Paul, you're covering the window dressing. You're presenting a sanitized, airbrushed, Photoshopped, utterly phony picture of the GOP.

Stick with Ted. He's the real deal. He says what Republican really believe, not what they want you to think they believe. Please proceed, Ted.


Examinator said...

Ted Nugent gives me much consternation I'm never quite sure if I should feel sorry for him because he's maybe suffering from a frontal lesion (One hit on the head too many maybe his Amp stack fell on him)and as a consequence has Turrettes Syndrome. or perhaps he's just down home Psychotic as a Bull whose ample nuts are snagged on the barbed wire fence and the cows are in season..

When our eldest son was about 18 months he had the habit of stopping dead wherever he was, adopted a bow legged posture, a strained look on his face and then filled his diaper, jumpsuit and booties. Then screamed so the whole shop/ shopping mall if not the suburb knew his discomfort.

Of course Ted has the right to behave like our son did make but at his age well he's just a "limp biscuit".

Victor said...

It looks like all of those anti-drug ads back in the day were right, and "this... *sizzle-sizzle*... is your mind on drugs..."

They should give Ted his own response time - solo.

Because, how appropriate would it be, after the Presidents State of the Union address, to have some racist has-been Rock & Roller, who proudly displays the Stars and Bars, give his Anti-Union speech?

BH said...

Why, oh why, did this Michigan neverwasser have to move to Texas? It's not as if we didn't have enough pernicious, self-promoting idiots here already. Exhibit A: the pinhead Congressman who invited him to the SOTU. Eh well.