Thursday, February 07, 2013


A great wrong has been righted in Carroll County, Georgia:
An amendment to remove a reference to firearms from Carroll County's disaster and emergency ordinance was passed by the Board of Commissioners Tuesday without discussion.

The decision to change the ordinance was made to avoid conflicting with Second Amendment issues raised by a Georgia gun rights organization.

The action eliminates the word "firearms" from a list of items whose sales could be suspended in case of a local disaster declared by the county commission chairman. The wording was questioned in a Jan. 18 letter, hand-delivered to commission Chairman Marty Smith, by James Camp of Temple, representing

As originally worded, the ordinance says that in times of local disasters or emergencies the commission chairman could "suspend the sale, distribution, dispensing or transportation of firearms, alcoholic beverages, explosives and combustible products and can close businesses which sell them."

"My recommendation is that we remove it (the word 'firearms')," Daley said. "I can't think of any incidence where it would be used."

... The vote was 6-0 in favor of the amendment....
Because, really, you never know when you might absolutely need to stop and purchase a handgun in the middle of an emergency in order to shoot a tornado or disarm some vicious floodwaters, right?

[] has also asked the city of Carrollton to remove firearms as one of the prohibited items from the GreenBelt trail, but the city hasn't yet acted on the request.
That would be this trail:

Firearms? There? Hey, what could go wrong?


Philo Vaihinger said...

OMG! Somebody might legally carry a gun where there are squirrels!

Victor said...

Well, since bike lanes and paths are part of the UN's Area 21 planned takeover of America, we need all of our patriots to have access to their arms along any bike paths, since those might not be children riding their bikes and trikes, but an attacking horde of specially-trained Commie or Muslim dwarv... midge... little people.

If your kids want to ride that trail on their bikes, you'd better wrap yout children with Kevlar, and make sure they have the latest military helmet.

Our patriots need to protect us at all times, and in all places, from the coming Commie/Muslim hordes and their Area 21/Sharia laws!

What a bunch of craven cowards our gun-totting "patriots" are.

Scratch one of these "patriots" deep enough, and you'll find an insecure, cowardly child, with mental.sexual issues.

aimai said...

The thing is that the more guns are out there, the more the paranoids find their fears that "everyone's doing it" and "I"m at risk" more believable. We've crossed a crazy event horizen where you can see lots of people thinking htey are making a rational choice when they are merely acting on hysterical impulse. Meanwhile they look at places where there is little or no gun violence and gun ownership is low and they simply see places that are living in a dreamworld. A single case of gun violence in an area of low gun ownership is "proof" to them that guns are necessary while multiple shootings in a high crime/high gun area are also proof to them that guns are necessary.

Mr. Aimai taught at Georgia Tech for a while. We are entering into the process of looking for colleges for our child. There are, basically, states I would never consider letting her go to at this point--Virginia's out because of its crazy catering to the far right on abortions and guns, Georgia's out, Iowa's out, Ohio's out, Texas is out. I leave in University of Chicago because at least they are trying to end the gun violence and because no one she would be likely to know will be armed, thus lowering her risk of being shot by a boyfriend or a teacher.

Its not a protest--like they care?--its just a fact. We are falling into two countries faster and faster--countries where women are valued, education is valued, science is valued, human life is valued and a country where they are not.

Recently two daughters of the Phelps clan essentially "voted with their feet" and left their authoritarian family. In the long run more and more young people and women will do that and these places will become hollow and empty.

aimai said...

Needless to say that any religiously affiliated college is out, even ones run by Jesuits with a good intellectual reputation. Given that women are more than 50 percent of the going to college crowd these days you'd think these people would cater to them more instead of repelling them with hostile imagery and attacks on their health.