Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Saw this story today:
George P. Bush had planned to spend today at a gun range with ace sniper Chris Kyle, talking about veterans issues and getting in some target practice.

But Kyle, the U.S. military's most lethal sniper, and his friend Chad Littlefield were killed Saturday at a gun range about 77 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Bush, who lives in Fort Worth and is the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, said in a letter released to the Star-Telegram Tuesday that he was saddened to learn about Kyle's death and described him as "a true American patriot." ...
George P. hasn't officially thrown his hat in any rings yet, though he does have a political action committee and he recently filed papers in Texas indicating that he's preparing to run for something. It's generally believed that he's going to run for Texas land commissioner in 2014. (After that, presumably, he intends to become governor and then president of the United States in short order.)

He clearly understands the business. He was going to go shooting with Chris Kyle to try to get some reflected glory from the hero sniper; now Kyle has been killed, but George P. isn't going to let that stop him from using Kyle's name and fame to further his own career -- you may never get to see him shoot with Kyle, but he's sure as hell going to release a letter to the press telling you he was going to shoot with Kyle. I think George P. has a bright future in Texas politics.

In the letter, George P. praised Kyle, but also had words of sympathy for his killer:
"While certainly no excuse, the struggles for soldiers like the young man who took the lives of Chris and Chad are immeasurable," he wrote. "This was an unspeakable tragedy, but we must now look to the future and ask what we can do to prevent this from happening again."
Um, maybe one thing we can do is not encourage returning vets with severe PTSD to shoot guns? Oh, sorry, I forgot -- George P. and the killer and the dead men are all from Texas. So forget I said that.

(Via Tim Murphy of Mother Jones.)


Philo Vaihinger said...

"A true American patriot."

An assassin - whoops, a sniper - with 160 confirmed kills.

Victor said...

In the Bush Crime Family, George W. Bush was the combo of Sonny and Freddo, who took over from his father and became head of the family, instead of Micheal - Jeb.

And now, the Bush Crime Family is extending its infectious tentacles into this nations politics for yet another generation.

In a just and smart country, no Bush would ever be allowed near any position of political power for at least 6 generations, until W's taint, and the damage he's done to this nation, and the world, has receeded.

Examinator said...

There in lies the problem we are obsessessed withour own importance, exceptionalness and as such anyone who helps enforce that is an All American Hero (regardless of them either doing their duty or it being a just war...)

But isn't that the purpose of the dynastic mind set? what we have in the Bush Family is a foil to the Kennedys ( War of the Roses stuff) and I thought America was founded as a counter to Hereditary nobility ….clearly not.
What ever happened to a meritocracy I wonder? Oh yes the patent was sold and the blue prints were burned by the robber barons.
How Medieval!