Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Michael Kinsley is puzzled:
Whoever could have imagined that Republicans could be such wussies? After all, the GOP is the Party of Testosterone. Democrats are the ones who are supposed to be wimpy and weepy. But lately the Republicans have been a bunch of crybabies: Hey mama, President Obama is picking on us. He's so strong, so ruthless....

Rush Limbaugh recently spent two days of his radio show wallowing in political self-pity. "I have alerted you and anybody who will listen that what the objective is at the White House is the annihilation of the Republican Party, the elimination of all viable opposition -- and on a personal level. You know, not just to annihilate Republican Party/conservative ideas, but also people, the people who carry them, the people who believe in them."

What on Earth does he mean by "annihilation"? And not just of ideas, but of people? ...

But it's not just Limbaugh. The Wall Street Journal editorial page, reacting to the State of the Union address, said ominously that Obama might "steamroll his opposition in Congress, or in the 2014 midterms" to get his dangerous left-wing agenda enacted. My impression always had been that to get elected or pass legislation, you generally need a majority vote. What is this process called "steamrolling" that apparently will enable Obama to skip all that stuff? ...
The primary point of this is not to elicit sympathy. The primary point of this is to accuse Obama and the Democrats of doing something really, really appalling and beyond the pale -- which then serves as a justification for whatever Republicans want to do in return, from blocking every one of his initiatives to possibly shutting down the government to, potentially, impeachment, or to nullification of gun laws by red-state governments and law enforcement officials .

If you can claim that your enemy wants to destroy you, then you can also claim you're entitled to do pretty much anything you want in response. It's simple self-defense -- by definition. These people who seem to whining are, in effect, declaring that a political Stand Your Ground law is in effect -- if they perceive a mortal threat to their party, what they're permitted to do about it knows no bounds.

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Victor said...

You're right, Steve, about the eventual lashing out, if they reagain power in the near future.

What should occur to whatever passes for the minds of modern Conservatives and Republicans, but doesn't, is that it's NOT Obama and the Democrats working on annihilating them, so much as they themselves seem to be determined to commit political suicide.

In the nearly 4 months after the election that Republicans said showed them the errors of their ways, all they've done is have some of their lead politicians remind the party not to be the "Stupid Party," while at the same time, continuing doing the same stupid things, saying the same stupid things, and following the exact same stupid policies, that lost them the election in the first place.

Proving once again, that the answer to the question, "Is our Republicans politicians learning?", is a resounding, "NO!!!"