Friday, February 08, 2013


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) next month will host a private fundraiser in Boston, theBoston Globe reported Thursday.The event, which will include 25 to 30 guests who will be asked to donate $3,800 to to the Christie's re-election bid, will be held March 1. 
Lets round up, shall we? 30 guests times 4,000.00 is 120,000?  For a guy running in another State's Gubernatorial election? I see why its worth it to Christie to fly up and gorge on steak on his campaign's dime, but why is it worth it to the movers and shakers of Boston? Is it the financial guys jonesing for a taste of the sweet, sweet, Rodney Dangerfield good looks and Don Rickles comedy stylings of New Jersey's own fat fuck? I can't imagine its the Tech guys. But maybe 3,800 is chump change and this is the equivalent of a Tupperware party for the big money boys. They are going to be spending the money anyway, somewhere, so they might as well eat out with Christie as with anyone else. Myself I can't think of anything more horrifying. I'd be afraid he'd mistake me for an appetizer.  But presumably they want to be an early donor to someone they think can take the Republican party back from the lunatics. At that rate expect them to fly a lot of wannabe Republican Presidential Candidates up here to kiss their rings. At 3,800 its cheap at the price although it would be hard on the stomach.


Anonymous said...

But presumably they want to be an early donor to someone they think can take the Republican party back from the lunatics.

I think that's what's going on. If he doesn't win in 2013, he definitely can't win in 2016. I still don't see him making it through the primaries, but that's their problem.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Take the party back from the lunatics?

A moderate Republican is a batshit conservative who thinks Obama MIGHT have been born in the US.

Victor said...

Wait 'til Gov. Soprano B.A Ratfucker get invited to Iowa for a fish and chips dinner, and they find out that 'fish and chips' to him, means Orca, and a small counties worth of potato's - both deep-fried.

Buy Mazola futures now.

Steve M. said...

Bain Capital is still based in Boston, no?

aimai said...

Yes. There's tons of MBA asshole spinoffs up here and still some big banks, aren't there? The dinner has a very "kiss my ring" feeling to it because Boston is very much a second city kind of place. You'd think Christie could raise more money in New York but maybe financial services there are pissed off with the Republican party generally and figure they'll buy in later if Christie looks like he can make it in the big race.

To my mind this little fundraising jaunt just shows how backwards and parochial Boston still is--Christie is not going to win a Republican primary. Anyone who thinks he is still thinks, like Romney's own backers, that wanting power is the same thing as getting power. Boston's wealthy financial sector do not have a clue how to win a national election and I'm guessing Christie, in the end, won't either. He'll have to let his asshole flag fly so high and hard to win any primary that he will lose his "reasonable centrist" cred with the mushy middle.

Examinator said...

Guys and Gals,
There are two logical reasons for him to go....
First is as animai says to get heavey weight approval.

The second is the $4 gs is the entry (plate) the real money will be the afters with 80 year old port.
My guess is it'll be the same as Romney's leaked 47% party.
Anyone wanna be wait staff on the night?

Philo Vaihinger said...

Only slightly OT.

The New England states are about the get smashed by a Nor' Easter as badly as New York and New Jersey got hit by that quasi-hurricane a while back.

When measures come through congress for aid, what will the conservatives do?

And will Chris Christie hit the media, pounding the drum for aid to the states to his north?