Thursday, February 14, 2013

MA Senate Race Flashing Sirens, Must Credit Me

Naturally, like any MA dem, I'm worried about our new Senate Seat struggle but the more Republicans throw their hats in the ring the better I like it.  Right now a third (or fourth) jerk has thrown down and I forsee a rousing internecine war with two jerks duking it out for the all important swaggering vet vote:

This one (h/t TPM) we might call a repeat offender as he has run several tooth-achingly bad campaigns against Barney Frank and then against the new Joe Kennedy cyborg.

Republican Sean Bielat, a two-time congressional candidate, has filed papers with the Federal Election Commision to run for the Senate, the Associated Press reported.
Bielat is the third Republican to join the special election to fill John Kerry's seat, following state Rep. Daniel Winslow and businessman Gabriel Gomez. Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan is expected to decide soon whether he'll also throw his hat in the ring.

The other one? Well, he's a total unknown locally but I was worried about the whole "Navy Seal" thing.  He's got some interesting... features:

Gomez, a 47-year-old newcomer to politics, will face State Representative Dan Winslow in the April 30 primary.
"As I look at Washington I see a lot of unproductive noise and bickering, and I see two parties attacking each other at all times over every issue. I see gridlock," Gomez said in a statement. "I'm running because I refuse to be cynical about America or about America's future."
Former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey last week said Gomez, a businessman and the son of Colombian immigrants, could "represent the new face (sic)of the Republican Party in the northeast."

But I really think the two vets begin to cancel each other out. I hope they knock each other off in an ugly primary--and Bielat is an ugly, stupid, fighter who had the nerve to run an add claiming that JFK would have supported him against Joe Kennedy III.

Meanwhile: I'll be out collecting signatures for Markey on Saturday, and attending an organizational meeting on Monday.  We're getting the band back together and hopefullyw e can pull Markey across the finish line.


Victor said...

Yes, JFK would be against one of his own kin, the same way one of the Bush's would be against one of the young Capo's in the Bush Crime Syndicate!

Sell odious self, and your parties hidious policies - don't try to wrap your fetid poop in Kennedy goodness.

What a feckin' idjit!!!

Steve M. said...

I wrote a post about Gomez a couple of weeks ago. He spent a good part of 2012 publicly defending a Swift Boat-style video attacking President Obama for allegedly endangering national security with leaks. Gomez also accused Obama of hogging the credit for the bin Laden raid. "National Republicans" want him to run.

aimai said...

Man, steve, you are ahead of the curve. I never heard of this guy before he announced. But you can see that they are already dreamily thinking he is the answer to their hispanic problem--and maybe he is. We'll see. I'm sure he'll eat bialet alive.

M. Bouffant said...

I'm not as far ahead of the curve as Steve, but Gomez crossed my radar a day or two ago.

Petty, yes (maybe even grammar fascism) but may indicate something. No proofing may mean incompetent staff.

And no, it hasn't been edited yet.