Thursday, February 14, 2013

Has Anyone Noticed that John Boehner is Decompensating?

Is there any other explanation for this astonishing remark about immigration reform:

“How about a little foreplay? Slow down. Let these things work their way along,” he said.

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JoyousMN said...


aimai said...


In psychology, the term refers to the inability to maintain defense mechanisms in response to stress, resulting in personality disturbance or psychological imbalance. The evoking stress can be an episode of the mental illness itself, bullying, teasing, or physical aggression, to name a few examples.

I think Nancy Pelosi might go under the heading of stress for Boehner.

Carol Ann said...

Had to look that up. Hmph. I think Boehner has to be a mass of neuroses already

aimai said...

Yeah the decompensating part simply refers to his apparent inability to keep inappropriate thoughts to himself. He's losing his filter or any sense of propriety and professionalism. All joking aside he really is starting to look and act as though his alcoholism is getting out of his control. If he was once "high functioning" he is now steadily showing signs that he's tanked all the time and unable to handle ordinary conversation or work.

Victor said...


Your party has F*CKED this country over for over 40 years, 9 ways to Sunday and back, and now, NOW, you want foreplay?!?!?!?!

Hey, I got an idea, boner - give yourself "foreplay" - and then go FECK YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buffalo Rude said...

That's an interesting observation. Of course, he could just be three high balls past plowed most of the time. I know I'd be if I was the Mayor of Crazytown.

Examinator said...

Decompensating? isn't that what most Rump voters do most of the time?
It's certainly the case with These in in the 2Std.deviation from the mean on either side.
Log onto a less Liberal site and ask a conservative to explain any of their policies. The more they are asked to explain the more they go defensive/justification, less coherent their argument becomes and the more ad hom. Simply argue that Israel's treatment of Palestinians is apartheid (to a liberal) and you'll become anti-Semitic etc.
I think the point I'm making is that emotional topics such as politics (and especially with practitioners)are by definition in a netherworld (echo chamber.).
that consists of : 2 parts fantasy, 1 part narcissism,1 part self delusion,1 part megalomania, 1 part reality and one part math skills =5 parts .
Like they say you don't have to be crazy to try and make sense of or be a politician or an economist but it sure helps.
Rational and politician are mutually exclusive terms.
Being a politician is one of the few careers that merely being qualified for the job automatically makes you the least appropriate person to be one.

Roger said...

John gave his wife a Boehner?