Friday, February 22, 2013


For the love of God, make it stop:

There's a video of this, but it starts up automatically when I embed it, so I've deleted it. You can watch it here, however, at the Washington Free Beacon site, if you can stand it. A partial transcript:

MARGARET CARLSON: ... Rubio seems to do everything right, and he doesn't have a mean streak.... Rubio was flawless last week. He took a mistake -- what looked like a mistake, of the water bottle -- and turned it into a plus like few politicians have ever done. Maybe like Bill Clinton when he went on, I think, one of the late-night talk shows and made fun of himself giving that long-winded speech --

ANDREA MITCHELL: Johnny Carson --

CARLSON: Johnny Carson. Thank you, Andrea.

MITCHELL: Well, Rubio so far has just about done everything right....

Expect far more starburst moments like this, from male as well as female members of the Beltway press corps, over the next three and a half years.

And excuse me, but even I knew Rubio should go self-deprecating a la Clinton in the aftermath of the water bottle moment -- in 2009 I said precisely that about Bobby Jindal after his embarrassing State of the Union response (as did David Corn), and I said the morning after that Rubio's water moment that joking about it would be an excellent career move. Boyish self-effacement after a politically insignificant gaffe? It ain't rocket science.


Victor said...

Well, if they want to be able to cover a good horse-race in 2+ years, and make oodles of dough, then they need to start fluffing the candidate who might oppose Hillary, or some other WHITE Democrat, right now.

So, expect nothing but "He's/she's not insane at all! Look, he's self-deprecating. He pets dogs and loves kittieaA!"

Oh FSM, can't you smite our MSM! They truly are, TOO stupid to live!!!

Palli said...

Oh yes, a flawless politician

-except for his personal use of campaign funds
-except for "mis-remembering" when his parents came to the US and not mis-representing " why they came

Danp said...

We are talking about the same media that still calls Newt an intellectual, right? So when was the last time the media actually picked the next boy wonder? Cain? Perry? Pawlenty? Ryan? Giuliani? Fred Thompson? Palin? Let's be honest. Publicity, especially the effusive kind, does little more than expose these naked emperors.

Ten Bears said...

Looks like a closet fag. Not that I give a shit, throughout the anals of history the halls of power, be it Rome, the Kremlin, Vatican or Washington D.C. have ever been packed with closet (and not so closet) fags and little boy butt-fuckers.

The only good I can see in this is Rubio makes that flipino bitch Malkin look even more bugeyed bespittled insane.

No fear...

PurpleGirl said...

Governor Bill Clinton was on the Tonight Show in June 1988 after making a speech at the DNC, which is panned as long and boring. I had to check this out because I know that Carson retired in 1992. I didn't think these media people really knew what they were talking about.

Bulworth said...

What's the procedure for emigrating to Canada?