Monday, October 22, 2012


I think the president won this outright -- but I worry that the press is now so invested in the idea of Romney as the latest and greatest New Thing that it will be declared a draw. Believe me, if the first debate had gone better for Obama, this one would have been declared an Obama rout, with Romney apparently struggling to adjust to his new foreign-policy-moderate software -- he agreed with Obama's foreign policy more than with his own previously stated foreign policy positions. But the media narrative may turn this into a tie. It wasn't a tie. Obama was far more impressive.


barent said...


Victor said...

Obama clearly won, because Mitt agreed with him almost all night.

The line about horses and bayonet’s was a killer. Also the lines about aircraft carriers, subs, and the game of “Battleship.”

Oh, if only President Obama had said, “And you can’t hire any more Hessian’s either, Governor, to help fight the wars you and your Bush NeoCLOWN team want to get us into. Wars today are fought by America’s young men and women.”

Mitt looked tired, angry, and vacant.

And WTF was that with Syria being Iran’s path to the sea?
Maybe Donald Trump told him that Atlantic City was America’s only path to the Atlantic?

Shorter Mitt : “When I’m President, regarding foreign policy, I’ll do what Obama’s doing – only more Caucasian.”


Let’s see what Cup O’ Schmoe’s gang has to say. After all, it’s the Villagers most highly rated TV show.

Philo Vaihinger said...

It looks like a lot of people made up their minds with the first debate and did not change them with the second.

A whole lot of votes were lost that night and those of people who stopped watching will not be won back.

How many people were still waiting last night, holding off until after sitting through all three confrontations?

And did anyone at all really care that Biden stomped Ryan?