Saturday, October 20, 2012


Here's Mayor Mike Bloomberg criticizing President Obama's comments about taxing the rich, in a new New York Times interview:
"This business of 'Well, they can afford it; they should pay their fair share?' Who are you to say 'Somebody else's fair share?'"
Yes -- what kind of filthy socialist would presume to know what someone's "fair share" of taxes is?
BLOOMBERG: ... Short-term we have to make sure we have a tax code that is understandable, and that everybody agrees is fair. And one that we can live with in terms of how we collect and how we make sure that everybody pays their fair share.
Yes, that was, er, Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Fox News Sunday on April 24, 2011.
Although many of the measures require the approval of state legislators in order to pass, the NY Mayor appears confident that he will be able to persuade Gov. Pataki of the necessity of the majority of them, including the commuter tax:

'Those people take advantage of the protection our police department provides, of the safety our fire department provides, they throw out trash that our sanitation picks up, and when you say it's not fair, it's not fair to get a service and not pay your fair share of it.'
And that was from January 30, 2003, when Mayor Mike was trying to get commuters from outside New York City to pony up more in taxes for the city.

Ahh, but that was Bloomberg talking about the "fair share" of taxes paid by, y'know, regular people -- not the rich people Obama cites (the folks Bloomberg hobnobs with to the exclusion of virtually all others).

In answer to Bloomberg's rhetorical question: Who is Obama to say what someone "fair share" of taxes is? Well, he's someone who actually holds a job that puts him in a position of deciding what everyone's "fair share" is. And he's running for reelection to that job, which means that when he talks about asking rich people to pay their "fair share," he's effectively putting his assessment of "fair shares" to a national vote.

He's putting his political future on the line to do this. Bloomberg, much as he would love to be president, isn't. He doesn't like the style of the driver. But he's never reached for the car keys.


Victor said...

You don't want this greedy and arrogant little putz driving anyway - he's too short to see over the steering wheel.

I wonder if he and the other rich pricks know something the rest of us don't?
Maybe you CAN take it with you.

In which case, I'm as screwed in the afterlife as I am in this one.

Guillotines and whicker baskets are SOOOOO 18th Century.

How about laser head cutters and industrial-sized buckets made from recycled plastic, that can hold dozens of heads?

Nah! Dull, rusty guillotines, and bloody tattered whicker's the way to go - I'm kinda OLD SCHOOL!

'Please proceed, Governor Romney... Up those little stairs, and hang a quick left.
And don't worry, your hair looks fine. We'll be sure to comb it for you before we put your head on that pike over there - right next to Mayor Mike's.'

Danp said...

and that everybody agrees is fair

Is this a variation of the royal "we"?

Palli said...
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Palli said...

Palli said...
An immensely rich person like wanna-be president Romney who buries wealth in the bowels of offshore banks is a useless person in any community. The gall he has to talk about the "poor" when he could finance dozens of start-up businesses and never miss the money. What we have here is a lack of imagination because he can't see past his nose. Palli

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