Friday, October 12, 2012


Hey, when it comes to analyzing (or criticizing) debates between the vice-presidential candidates, there’s irrelevance. And then there’s supersize irrelevance. Or maybe super-duper-humongous size.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see my cranky piece about Republicans thinking that Biden laughing on TV last night was somehow “rude.” (What was he supposed to do? Nod sagely and say, “Those lies are absolutely right?”)

And we had those “serious” news guys from CNN counting the number of minutes and seconds each of the candidates spoke on each of the topics that came up, thus revealing….um, uh, mmm, unnh….

But now I find brewing – I suppose it’s on Fleet Street – a new pinnacle of irrelevance. Turns out some reporter for the conservative (natch!) Daily Mail wants to do a story on Joe Biden’s teeth – you know, the pearlies that were revealed when Biden had a few chuckles over some of Paul Ryan’s preposterous  claims about budget matters, Social Security and Medicare.

A services called HARO (an acronym for “Help A Reporter Out”) sends out thrice-daily e-mails from journalists desperately seeking information. And that’s where I found this muckracker in search of a scandal, perhaps pertaining to Joe Biden's dental bills or an implication of vanity:

Biotech and Healthcare1) Summary: Joe Biden's dentures
 Name: Hugo Gye Daily Mail - OnlineCategory: Biotech and Healthcare
 Email: Media Outlet: Daily Mail - Online Deadline: 5:00 PM EST - 12 October

I'm looking for a dentist or prosthodontist to advise on what
sort of dental work Vice President Joe Biden has had and how 
much it might have cost.

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Victor said...

Jeez, I figured they'd go for his hair plugs.
Too easy, I guess.

Or maybe check if any of the neighbors from his old Scranton home have marble countertops, and claim that Joe didn't grow up middle class, 'But rich, rich, rich, we tell's ya! Rich, like only the people who can afford marble countertops can be!'

Maybe some intrepid Liberal blogger can do the same for Mitt's choppers?
How about it, NCC?

I'm already assuming Mitt has a marble driveway for Ann's Caddies.

Uncle Mike said...

Jesus Effing Christ.


Unknown said...

Right-wing punditry = butt-hurt little whiners...