Thursday, October 04, 2012


Ed Kilgore on last night's debate:
[Mitt Romney's] self-representation, moreover, as a deeply caring moderate who shares the president's goals but is far more eager to reach across the aisle, must have caused some bitter laughter behind the scenes in conservative circles....

Jon Chait believes that Romney has finally pulled off his "etch-a-sketch" moment, reinventing himself as the moderate Republican he once seemed to be in Massachusetts, at a moment when conservatives were too terrified of defeat to object, as they certainly would have earlier in the year if he had hedged on his tax cut plan, let his heart bleed all over the stage for the unemployed and suffering, and begged for a chance to work with Democrats.
Well, it was OK for him to do this in a debate with Obama. On the campaign trail, he has to stay pure (at most, he can briefly pretend to be a moderate and then immediately flip-flop back). Generally speaking, the GOP base simply won't allow him to deviate from Conservatively Correct Thinking.

But it was OK for him to do so last night because he was beating up Obama. For wingers, absolute fealty to their principles is paramount -- except that being nasty to a liberal or Democrat trumps that. In fact, being nasty to a liberal or Democrat trumps everything for the right.

That's why the Bush end-timers still loved Dubya even after he pushed immigration reform and Harriet Miers, even though he didn't encourage them to hate America's Muslims, and even though he didn't go to war with Iran -- he angered Democrats and liberals from the very start, in Florida in the post-election period, then with his tax cuts, then with the Iraq War. So he had immunity.

Until now, Romney hasn't done a very good job of beating up Obama and other Democrats; he's never done well against Obama in the polls. So he's had to be conservatively pure. Last night, he gave up on that. And the wingers don't care, because he won the fight.

But if he tries it next time and loses, then they'll be upset at what he's saying.


Victor said...

Oh, there's NO DOUBT!

In the primaries, he had to suck-up to the base.
And he had to do the same up until now, when he had to face their greatest enemy of ALL TIME!

Now, as long as he tops Obama, he can go wherever he wants, politically!
Political principles be damned!

But woe unto him, if he doesn't beat Obama in a debate.
Then, he'll face the wrath of their god!

If he beats that Nigrah like a a conga drum, and wins in November, they know he'll come back and kiss Evangelical and Neocon ass.

And if he doesn't - there'll be worse Hell to pay!!!

draeinoregon said...

Another question: doesn't this make the VP debate that much harder for Ryan? After a week of pointing out the change in Romney's position Ryan will be forced to choose. He doesn't have the political room to play the way Romney can - he has to choose one. Whichever one he does choose Biden can be ready for.

BTW just found your blog and love it : )