Sunday, October 28, 2012


NewsBusters reports:
Appearing on ABC's This Week, [Newt] Gingrich said of the President, "You'll notice he's canceling his trips over the hurricane. He did not cancel his trips over Benghazi."

...What Gingrich was referring to is when our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked in September, Obama flew off to a plush fundraiser in Las Vegas rather than stay in Washington, D.C., to monitor the hostilities.

By contrast, as Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, Obama has canceled some campaign events.
OK, a little perspective: On September 20, 1984, there was a truck-bomb explosion at the U.S. embassy annex in Aukar, Lebanon, just outside Beirut. Twenty-four people were killed. It was third terrorist bombing aimed at U.S. interests in Lebanon in a year and a half.

What did Ronald Reagan do on September 21, 1984? He made three campaign appearances in Iowa -- at an airport rally, a farm, and a church picnic -- despite the fact that a Des Moines Register poll showed him leading Walter Mondale in the state by 23 points. He then returned to Washington and made a well-publicized visit to the home of seven-year-old Rudolph Lee-Hines, who lived in the predominantly black Congress Heights section of Washington. Reagan had dinner at the home of Lee-Hines, who was described in news reports as Reagan's "pen pal"; they'd exchanged several letters after a Reagan visit to the boy's school the previous March.

As a housewarming gift, Reagan brought a jar of jelly beans.

So, no, Saint Reagan didn't let terrorist attacks deter him from campaigning. I would assume Newt Gingrich would regard that as the gold standard.


Uncle Mike said...

I always thought "IOKIYAR" was a humorous, albeit lazy snark. But damned if it isn't a spot-on assessment of situations more and more often.

Victor said...

Well, as far as Hurricane Sandy is concerned, like in that famous New Yorker cartoon of a man who's fallen half-way down the outside of a building, when he's asked by someone who's stuck his head out the window how he's doing, the man who's falling answers, "So far, so good."

Thank goodness we never had President Newt, or that did wouldn't have even gotten some feckin' jelly beans - Newt would have eaten them before he even got there, then buggered the boy, fecked his Mom and dog, and left.

Victor said...

"kid," not 'did.'

Unknown said...

GOD I wish they'd just say the N-word and get it over with. The strain is killing Newt, among others.

Dean Booth said...

You are confusing heckling for an argument.

It does no good to respond to

Obama and Osama sittin' in a tree
K i s s i n g!

By pointing out that Obama is, in fact, not in a tree.

Grung_e_Gene said...

There is No Reagan. Only Myth Reagan who won the Cold War and Tore Down that Wall.