Saturday, October 30, 2010


No, I'm not at the Stewart/Colbert rally, and (for reasons too complicated to explain) I'm unable to watch it this afternoon (not even on the very computer I'm typing on -- don't ask). I'll just wait for a thousand wingnut bloviators to tell me how horribly treasonous it was; for now, I'll just express regret that only us snooty elitist overeducated lefty political junkies will probably react to this in the appropriate manner:

Media Matters has confirmed that noted propagandist Andrew Breitbart will provide analysis for ABC News during their election night coverage.

After Breitbart's website reported that Breitbart would "be bringing analysis live from Arizona" for ABC, Media Matters confirmed his participation in a town hall meeting anchored by ABC's David Muir...

Media figures and outlets from across the board rejected Breitbart's race-baiting lies after he smeared former USDA official Shirley Sherrod as a "racist," using as "proof" a heavily edited video of comments she made during a March NAACP event that he posted on his site

There's so little discontent in this country from anywhere but the right, except for a tiny sliver of the left, that I just can't imagine widespread outrage directed at Disney/ABC for this from the African-American community -- which is as beaten down as most of the rest of the non-wingnut heartland, and sees no likelihood of change and no avenue for action.

I'd love to be pleasantly surprised. I'd love to see large amounts of letter-writing and threats of boycotts. I'd love it if this came as a complete surprise to Disney/ABC, because it was protest coming from somewhere prtest no longer seems to originate.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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