Monday, October 11, 2010


Now featuring a fresh look at false equivalency paradigms as the wingers are having trouble deciding what a book tossed at Obama's head and streaker running by the President's rally in Philly yesterday really means, that Americans are on the edge of revolt after being unlawfully occupied by liberals and that there weren't any shoes handy to toss at History's Greatest Monster, or that the liberal media is unforgivably corrupt for not reporting on the Book-Chucking Heard 'Round The World.

The real issue of course is that the argument I've been making about security needing to be airtight around this President in particular may have some merit, yes?

Just saying that if somebody can throw a book at the President's head, there's a lot of other things that might be tossed at the man.

Somebody might want to look into that.   Meanwhile, the false equivalency that this is Obama's "Iraqi shoe tosser" moment makes about as much sense as every bad weather event in America being Obama's Katrina, or every Democrat that fails to win an election as Obama's Waterloo, or every time Obama loses gracefully to his daughter Malia at checkers, it's Obama's Frodo throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom or whatever this goofballs are thinking this week, remains just as annoyingly idiotic as they always have been.

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