Thursday, October 07, 2010


Carl Paladino bought three minutes of TV time on all three network-affiliated TV stations in Buffalo today for a supersecret announcement, and now we know what he had to say (video below).

* After claiming that he fessed up to his affair and out-of-wedlock child simply because he's "a builder, not a politician" -- I think it would surprise, say, Gavin Newsom to learn that politicians don't admit affairs -- Paladino proceeded, in Palin fashion, to use his 10-year-old daughter as a human shield, expressing outrage that his right-wing soul mates at the New York Post wanted to photograph the kid. Hey, I don't love that kind of tabloid snooping around, but, um, Carl? You're the one who exposed the kid to this, by running for office while she's still 10 years old (just as Palin is the one who chose to put her pregnant daughter in the national spotlight).

* He returned to his insinuations about Andrew Cuomo having affairs. Miffed at reporters asked because they asked him questions about his affair, Paladino whined:

Does the media ask Andrew such questions? Andrew's prowess is legendary.

Excuse me? "Prowess"? What the hell?

* Paladino, whose net worth is $150 million, went on to beg for money.

* Ultimately, after accusing Cuomo of not wanting to debate minor party candidates who are black and female -- the female candidate is a former madam, brought into the race by provocateur and Paladino adviser Roger Stone -- Paladino brought out another female human shield, this time in person: Nancy Naples, his campaign's recently appointed state chairwoman, who was presumably chosen to finish the TV spot because of Paladino's abysmal numbers with female voters.

Not a great performance, though at least he didn't throw anything, so it will probably help him.

Except, um, prowess? Prowess?

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