Saturday, October 09, 2010


Hell, what does it take to get the universe just to admit he's a racist asshole?  All men are created equal?  Not in this jagoff's world.

This is a tough thing to say, because a lot of people don't want to hear this, because it goes against everybody's desire that we all be the same, that there be no pain in life and that there be no suffering and that everybody do well and that everybody have what they want and so forth.
But there is no equality. You cannot guarantee that any two people will end up the same. And you can't legislate it, and you can't make it happen. You can try, under the guise of fairness and so forth, but some people are self-starters, and some people are born lazy. Some people are born victims. Some people are just born to be slaves. Some people are born to put up with somebody else making every decision for them.

"Some people are just born to be slaves".  Still.

In 2010, this is socially acceptable.  Still.

But there are no racists in the Tea Party.  Still.

And if you question that, you're the racist.  Still.

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