Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here's AlterNet's Adele Stan with a good catch regarding Clarence Thomas's wife:

Ginni Thomas' Think Tank Allied With Group That Celebrates Spanish Inquisition

... Mrs. Thomas' Tea Party think tank, Liberty Central, promotes the causes of groups that take pride in intolerance, including one right-wing Catholic group, Tradition, Family and Property, whose founder declared the Spanish Inquisition "the most beautiful page in the history of the Church."

... Thomas has added to the "Friends of Liberty Central" page on her think tank's Web site a plug for Tradition, Family and Property, a virulently anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-democratic Catholic group founded in 1960 in opposition to Brazilian land reform.

TFP has long enjoyed ties to the far right in American politics, including the International Freedom Foundation, which existed primarily as an American front group for the apartheid regime in South Africa during the Reagan years, according to researcher Richard Bartholomew, and was once led by convicted felon and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff....

If TFP's activities on behalf of torturers and anti-democratic forces weren't enough to give one pause, there's its status as a cult. TFP is an all-male organization that finds its recruits among adolescent boys, whom it trains in the use of the combat regalia of the Middle Ages -- maces, crossbows, and the like...


All I can add is that when they're not doing all this, these folks (or at least the participants in TFP's America Needs Fatima campaign) keep themselves busy:

America Needs Fatima rallies against Satanism in Oklahoma

While we prayed outside the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, OK, on October 21, , a group called the Church of the IV Crowned Princes performed a Satanic ritual inside the Civic Center, a type of exorcism, with the expressed intent to poke fun at the Catholic Church.

So far as we know, America Needs Fatima is the only Catholic group that protested and prayed against the Satanic ritual.

... As Catholics, we loath Satan and Satanism, because we know that Satan always does as much harm to human beings as he can at every moment.

... we must have a sincere and elevated devotion to the Queen of the Angels, Terror of the Demons....

Here's one of the scary, damned demon-worshipers who showed up for the Satanic service. LOOK UPON THE FACE OF EVIL ... IF YOU DARE!

So what happened that led at least one member of this group to travel all the way to OKC from Topeka, Kansas?

... About 45 people attended the Church of the IV Crown Princes' "satanic exorcism."

... A heavy-metal band performed for about 45 minutes in the Civic Center's CitySpace area where the event was held. When the band finished, Hale and a handful of other people went to the center of the stage area and surrounded a large table.

...Hale told the audience that they would witness a ritual "blasphemy" taken from the Roman Catholic rite of exorcism.

... The lights were lowered, and a spotlight shone on the table.

The scent of incense filled the room and a soundtrack featuring cymbals and heavy-metal music played softly as people in the audience looked on intently.

A woman laid on the table, and Hale and six other Church of the IV Crown Princes members, some garbed in black robes, gathered around her and invoked the name of Satan and demons to exorcise Christianity and religion out of her.

"Depart forth in fear from this soul who seeks enlightenment from Hell's power," Hale said.

As one member of the group chanted "Come out Yahweh! Come out Jesus Christ! ... Come out, oh foul holy spook!," other members said "Satan compels you!"

At the end of the ritual, a gong on the table was sounded, and the woman lying on the table sat up, smiled and shouted "Hail Satan!"

I've had scarier subway rides.

This was followed by that most demonic of rituals: a question-and-answer-session. No, really.

Well, if protesting silly events like this keeps these TFP people from starting another Inquisition, I suppose it's all for the best.

(Oh, they also think Lady Gaga is an instrument of Satan.) (UPDATE: Link fixed.)

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