Sunday, October 17, 2010


From a New York Times story on fat cats rolling in dough:

The Republican Governors Association benefited from a number of sizable contributions from deep-pocketed individual and corporate donors over the last few months, driving a record $31 million fund-raising haul in the third quarter.

... The checks fueling the Republican Governors Association in the third quarter included an additional $250,000 from Rupert Murdoch's News America Inc., bringing its total contribution for the year to $1.25 million.

... The newly reported $250,000 donation to the Republican Governors Association from the News Corporation -- specifically, its United States-based News America operation, whose holdings include Fox News Channel and The Wall Street Journal -- brings to $2.25 million the amount that the company is known to have contributed to independent groups helping Republicans this year....

The print version of the story adds this paragraph, which isn't the online version for some reason:

The news of the previously unknown donation came on the same day that Mr. Murdoch, the News Corporation chairman, faced pointed questions at the company's annual meeting in New York from representatives of union funds that hold shares.

May I ask a question? If you run a pension fund for a union, why the hell do you hold any stock whatsoever in News Corporation? Isn't think like a pension fund for cows holding stock in McDonald's?

Funds and individuals, get it through your heads: Rupert Murdoch is the enemy. Divest now. There's no other moral alternative.

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