Monday, October 25, 2010


You know the conventional wisdom. The new angry right-wing voters are angry at both parties for the way they've conducted themselves in Washington! They find it laughable that President Obama keeps talking about Republicans threatening to take us back to the past, because Republicans aren't going to take us back to the past! They've changed! They've learned their lesson! And if they win the House and the Senate (maybe now, maybe two years from now), and then the presidency in 2012, and they do somehow slip back into their old ways, no one's going to hold their feet to the fire more than unswerving vanguard-army-of-the-revolution Web sites like RedState! Because Obama is wrong! The past is past! It's a new Republican day!

... Um, with some exceptions.

This is from James Richardson at, er, RedState:

The 'Miss me?' George Bush pumpkin

What's Halloween without a little politics? And with little more than a week until Election Day, you can't blame me that I incorporated it into my jack-o'-lantern last night, when I joined my family to carve pumpkins.

Inspired by a recent Gallup survey in which President Barack Obama and former President George Bush were virtually tied in a measure of approval, my get out the vote pumpkin for 2010:

Miss him yet? Then volunteer in the waning days of the election, when door-knocking and victory calls are most critical.

(And yes, I did actually spend upwards of two hours carving that pumpkin. It was cathartic.)

Two hours. This guy devoted two hours of his life to carving a George W. Bush pumpkin.

Yeah, right -- there's no chance whatsoever that the new GOP bosses are going to be the same as the old GOP bosses.

(Via Politico.)

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