Tuesday, March 30, 2010


CNN reports:

Republican Senate candidates are being instructed Tuesday to promote the party's health care policy proposals as they continue to push the "repeal and replace" theme following passage of the President Obama's health care reform legislation.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who oversees Senate Republican campaign efforts, outlines the key health care talking points in a new memo....

The Republicans want to use the phrase "repeal and replace" to help nationalize the midterm elections. So when are Democrats going to start doing some nationalizing of their own, by asking how many Republicans also want to "repeal and replace" Social Security and Medicare?

George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security. Representative Paul Ryan, reputedly the GOP's big brain on budget matters, wants to "convert Social Security into primarily a network of individual investment accounts [and] convert Medicare into a voucher system, capping the value of each voucher at well below the rate of medical inflation," in the words of Jonathan Chait. And now two leaders of the tea party movement -- a movement Republicans have praised to the skies -- have just told Larry King they'd love to abolish Social Security:

Dana Loesch, a tea party organizer from Missouri, and another tea party organizer, Wayne Allyn Root, joined King for the discussion.... King noted that programs like Social Security are mandatory and asked if the tea parties would like to "do away with" that program as well. Both tea party organizers enthusiastically said "yes, absolutely" and added that a compromise would be at least privatizing the system:

KING: Would anyone turn away Social Security now? Would you do away with it?

LOESCH: I would, yes.

KING: You would?

LOESCH: Yes, absolutely.

KING: Would do you away with it, Wayne?

ROOT: I'd certainly like to....

There's your attack ad, Democrats: "Call Congressman So-and-so and ask him if he agrees with these leaders of the tea party movement that Social Security should be abolished."

How hard is that, Democrats? And if Congressman So-and-so stammers the usual defense of Social Security, make sure the teabaggers know he or she is just another dirty socialist.


UPDATE, WEDNESDAY: First link fixed.

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