Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Really Can't Choose a Favorite:

This has this:

Today David Brooks has written the platonic ideal of a David Brooks column. It is in some sense the template for nearly every David Brooks column, but it captured the major elements so perfectly that it almost feels as if every previous David Brooks column has been an homage to this one.

But this has this:

No Republican Senator is ever going to vote for the health care bill under any circumstances. It could have a rider in it mandating biblical readings up through the junior college level and you still couldn’t get even a very God-fearing Republican like Tom Coburn to vote for an Obama health care bill. Chuck Grassley wouldn’t vote for it if you moved the U.S. Naval Shipyard to an Iowa cornfield. They’ve locked arms on this bitch like soccer players on a free kick.

I like them both, but the really good stuff is in the 400 or so comments following Brooks' ode to sympathy, each one of which appears to take him to the woodshed. I think what I enjoy most about all the coverage of Brooks' column is that it feels like Brooks has finally jumped the shark on this one. Is there anyone left with any respect for this shrinking, whining, cringing, lickspittle of a propagandist?


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