Friday, March 05, 2010


I hate to agree with anything posted at a Michelle Malkin blog, but when I read this at Talking Points Memo...

Obama to Progressives: 31 Million People--And My Presidency--Are On The Line If Health Care Fails

President Obama's message to progressives who are dissatisfied with the Senate health care bill is two fold: First: Don't forget about the uninsured. Second: Don't forget what failure to pass this bill would do to the party and my presidency....

... I had essentially the same reaction as this Hot Air blogger:

With all due respect, when the liberal president of the United States has to essentially beg his fellow liberals to vote for his proposal, it's safe to say we have a weak executive.

Really -- you hold a meeting with people who are on your side and you do it in such a way that the messaging is, inevitably, "Obama begs"? That's how you fight? You let that get out to the public? Do these guys know anything about optics?

The Hot Air blogger is right -- we do have a weak executive. Now I wish he/she would kindly convey that information to all the crazies on his/her side who think Obama is a jackbooted fascist.

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