Monday, March 15, 2010

Feel the Up Is Downism

From the absolutely amazing Fox News Comment Thread [edited to remove brain glitch] which I stumbled upon while bumming around the internet. Someone who was not SteveM, but who was someone I read every morning, pointed out that the Fox News interview with Gibbs, Van Hollen, and Cantor was causing some severe heartburning among Fox's fans. The question is: if this is how they feel about Wallace having the temerity to interview Gibbs and Van Hollen without attacking them with a Machete, how will they feel when Fox news can't protect them from Obamacare? The comments are filled with rage and despair.

1) Did you know it is Democrats who filibuster?

paul reid
Van Hollen will make a great Democratic senator since his filabuster technique is well developed. Though his neck must be sore from the whiplash of the look back.

2) Did you know that "Citizens United" wasn't a decision that opened the floodgates to corporate spending, it was a populist, good government, sunshine law?

John B. San Diego
Chris G. This sitting administation promises transparency,what a laugh:Mr.Obama is worried about business having equal say with organized groups.Citzens United V Federal Electiion Committee actually will bring forward those campaign contributions that Democrats hate to see public reord. If Republicans had anything to hide why would they support it the one tipped his hand he has lots'o'stuff to hide State of the Union is no place to play his dirtylaundry HOW STUPID

3) In Bizzaro world FDR never existed.
John B. San Diego
Americans, we fought for our lives along side the British and others, said to be "The Greatest Generation" in American History! I'm partial my father and father-in-law fought in WWII and WON! I want to remind those that may doubt; America and Britain will survive. But only if we ignore the Neville Chamberlains and pay attention to the Winston Churchill’s; Barrack Obama is no Churchill! More Churchill to come

4) Pantspissing

David Borchers
Chris- you really let Gibbs and VanHollan runaway and control yourinertview. I am a regular viewer and have to say this was the worst effort I have see you do!.It's your show- not the guest's. In the future - do itlike you did with Rove today! Get some BACKBONE!

5)The Math

Donald Gabbard
Mr Wallace, I think, when one of these polititians says that millions of people had their insurance rates raised, such as Mr Gibbs did today,you should ask them for a specific number which they have access to. The states regulate insurance and can tell the administration exactly how many people had their rates raised, who they were,and how much.

6) Who Cares?

It is amazing to me that Gibbs was allowed to go on your show. Apparantly Obama does not listen to polls but may decide to read the comments after your interview. The sob stories do not work. It would be good (great) if they did, but stories like Slaughter's constiuents dead sister's teeth. Who cares about that. Obama needs to have a real understanding of what the American public really wants. Glenn

7) Uh...Oh...Soon Everyone Will be on the Internets:

Dawn Gordon
The interviews on Fox News Sunday are becoming more and more one-sided in favor of the Democrat side. I prefer not to see this bias. I thought Fox was our last relatively balanced news arena. I was wrong. I am sticking to the internet for my news from now on-at least you know when you are on a site that leans left or leans right and can get both sides equally.

8) Obligatory Acorn Reference:
Wallace showed his progressive Bias! The Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree! i am done with all Sunday shows going forward!

9) Block That Metaphor:

Carl G. Culp
As an independent I found Mr. Gibbs responses a waste of time. As my grandmother would say " butter wouldn't melt in his mouth". Cantor got the short end of the stick while Van Holland ran off at the mouth. Podesta was just about as interesting as that glacier he spokw of.

10) Again With the Ramming:
Diane in WA
Van Hollen behaved disgracefully. When he wasn't obnoxiously and insistently declaring the (false) legitimacy of the bogus process leftist Democrats are using to ram HC through without a vote, he was physically attempting to block Cantor from responding. His bullying behavior is the perfect metaphor for the Democrat's ramming of this health care monstrosity down our throats. Democrats OUT 2010. I wish Cantor had simply asked Van Hollen to stop trying to restrain hi

11) Where, Indeed?

George Starsmeare
Chris, your first two interviews today were not 'fair and balanced'....I watch your program because I like to get a fair appraisal of what the 'left' is thinking. Today you did your part to benefit the lefts argument....where will I go to get balance?

12) Not O'Reilly, too?

Chris along with Bill O'Reilly have leaned more & more to the left. I agree with other commenters saying the same. Have been through with O'Reilly for a long time, but kept hoping Chris would go back to being fair & balanced. I've given him several months to keep me as a viewer but today finally did it for me. Sickening display today. Goodbye, Foxnews Sunday.

13) Interruptive? Isn't that Kind of Defining Chicago Politics Down?
After watching FNS for years I found Rep. Chris Van Hollen of D-Md to be the most egotistical, arrogant, self-centered, mouthy, person on your show to date. He is an example of why Washington is like Chicago corruption. He was so bad that I had to put the TV on mute. He is also the most interruptive person I've seen.

Und So Weiter



The thread is here. --S.M.

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