Monday, March 15, 2010


The headline is that Not Larry Sabato caught Virginia's attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, expressing birther sentiments -- but please also notice the nature of hypothetical situation Cuccinelli brings up (in response to a citizen's question), and realize that, in his state, it may not be all that hypothetical:

Q What can we do about Obama and the birth certificate thing?

Cooch: It will get tested in my view when someone... when he signs a law, and someone is convicted of violating it and one of their defenses will be it is not a law because someone qualified to be President didn't sign it.

Q: Is that something you can do as Attorney General? Can you do that or something?

Cooch: Well only if there is a conflict where we are suing the federal government for a law they've passed. So it's possible.

Q: Because we are talking about the possibility that he was not born in America.

Cooch: Right. But at the same time under Rule 11, Federal Rule 11, we gotta have proof of it.

Q: How can we get proof?

Cooch: Well... that's a good question. Not one I've thought a lot about because it hasn't been part of my campaign. Someone is going to have to come forward with nailed down testimony that he was born in place B, wherever that is. You know, the speculation is Kenya. And that doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility.

Hmmm, let's see: why might he be bringing up the scenario of "suing the federal government for a law they've passed"? Possibly as a result of this?

Virginia's General Assembly became the first in the nation Wednesday to approve legislation that bucks any attempt by President Obama and Congress to implement national health care overhaul in individual states.

... The vote sends the measure to Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell who intends to sign it.

...The bill's sponsor, Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, and other supporters advocated the measure as a defiant statement to an overreaching federal government. They say it it falls under the Constitution's 10th Amendment that deals with state sovereignty....

Coincidence? Is Cuccinelli imagining a challenge to health care reform based on Obama's birth status?

Ah, but now he says tells MSNBC,

I absolutely believe that President Obama was born in the United States. I don't buy into the claims that he wasn't. On the recording, I was asked a hypothetical legal question, and I gave a hypothetical legal answer in response.

But that contradicts what he said:

You know, the speculation is Kenya. And that doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility.

So: birther, tenther, and liar. At least that's the way it looks to me.


UPDATE: It gets worse.

In an overlooked recording from the campaign trail, candidate Cuccinelli told a crowd that he was considering not registering his son for a Social Security number because "it is being used to track you." He also claimed that many others are not registering for Social Security numbers for the same reason....

We're gonna have our 7th child on Monday, if he's not born before. And, for the very concerns you state, we're actually considering -- as I'm sure many of you here didn't get a Social Security number when you were born, they do it now -- we're considering not doing that. And a lot of people are considering that now, because it is being used to track you.

Video here.

Birther, tenther, liar, and black helicopter-er?

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