Thursday, March 18, 2010


There's a new Fox News poll out, and while it shows a solid majority opposed to health care reform ("Based on what you know about the health care reform legislation being considered right now..."), it actually doesn't seem to be a horribly biased survey: the poll finds that far more people think President Obama is trying to find common ground with Republicans than vice versa, and a question Fox persists in asking, poll after poll -- "Do you think Barack Obama is on television too much, about the right amount or is Obama not on television often enough?" -- continues to skew solidly in favor of "about the right amount."

But here's an odd pair of results from the full poll (PDF):

In general, do you think Barack Obama has the right ideas or the wrong ideas for America's future?
Right ideas: 52%
Wrong ideas: 41%
(Some of both): 5%
(Don't know): 2%

Do you think the Obama administration is in touch with what the American people want, or not?
Yes: 46%
No: 50%
(Don't know): 3%

If I'm reading this right, there's at least a small percentage of the public that thinks he has the right ideas for America's future ... but he's out of touch with what Americans want.

Does that mean that these people believe he should pursue the wrong ideas for America's future? That they don't want him to pursue the right ideas?

Actually, this being America, I'm somewhat surprised that only a small percentage of Americans feel this way.

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