Monday, February 08, 2010


I'm sure she's doing it very cheerfully, but this is still Palin wallowing in her sense of grievance:

Sarah Palin received a rock star's welcome at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference where she spoke before the first of two sold-out shows at the Redding Convention Center this afternoon.

... She endeared herself to the logging conference crowd by holding her hand up to show what was written on her palm: "Loggers rock!" -- an apparent dig at "lame-stream media" who recently ridiculed her for writing memory prompts on her hand....

Prior to that, she wrote "Hi, Mom!" on her hand while campaigning for Rick Perry in Texas, also as a seemingly cheery way of dramatizing her belief in her own victimization.

My first thought was that she might just make this a signature gimmick, writing notes on her hand at every public appearance for years and years, maybe all the way to her presidential inauguration (and, in all likelihood, premature resignation). But then I remembered how she's stopped making sniffy remarks about helping Tina Fey get a job, or about the evils of David Letterman, and so I realize that the words-on-hand bit will have a short shelf life, because in a month or two she'll have something about to be aggrieved about, and her sense of grievance about that will be the new gimmick in her act.

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