Monday, February 22, 2010


You probably know that Ron Paul won CPAC's presidential straw poll.

I just want to remind you that Ron Paul's choice for president in 2008, after Paul decided not to mount a general-election campaign, was Chuck Baldwin, a minister and talk show host who was the candidate of the Constitution Party.

In case you didn't know, Chuck Baldwin wrote this a couple of days ago after Joe Stack flew a plane into the IRS offices in Austin, Texas, killing a worker:

My heart goes out to Joe Stack! ... We are fed up with an arrogant and oppressive federal government that is strangling the life and freedom out of our states. We all share Joe Stack's pain!

I really wish Joe Stack had not killed himself, however. We need each other....

Let's send a message, in no uncertain terms, that if they want our pound of flesh, they are going to have to come and get it--and if they do, it's going to cost them a whole lot more than a pound of theirs!

Oh, Joe! I wish you had not killed yourself.

Once again: CPAC's preferred 2012 presidential candidate endorsed a presidential candidate in 2008 who wrote those words.

Anyone going to ask any of the very mainstream CPAC speakers and attendees about that?

(Baldwin is also a 9/11 truther.)

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