Thursday, February 11, 2010


Jane Hamsher:

Granted, the tea party messaging can be pretty schizophrenic and has often served as a grab bag of anti-Obama sentiment. But their primary message has always been economic, and they have their roots in the libertarian-leaning, anti-interventionist conservatism of Ron Paul.

And what's her first example of that?

Tea party star Allen West, who raised over twice as much in the 4th quarter of 2009 than Democratic incumbent Ron Klein (FL-22), says "We must get away from occupation warfare and nation building."

Yeah, that sounds "anti-interventionist" -- assuming you don't read, oh, say, the rest of the sentence at West's campaign site:

We must get away from occupation warfare and nation building and execute precision strike operations aimed at denying the terrorist enemy sanctuary.

Or this response by West to Ahmadinejad's crackdown on election protesters, which was posted at the blog of Pam Geller, that noted anti-interventionist:

I have sat and watched the situation in Iran post the fraudulent elections and just shake my head....

How many of you recall that just a little over 30 years ago, a previous weak, ineffective, effete Democrat president allowed the Ayatollahs to rise to power....

Now, some 30 years later we have a redux of an effete, ineffective President whose nuanced intellectual elite responses offer no support to those desiring Liberty....

Imagine if Obama existed in the days of the Soviet Union, Lech Walesa, and Vaclav Havel, would that wall have indeed come down? I know that the "messiah" believes that his mere presence and a teleprompted speech will convice killers to lay down their arms and worship at his feet....

We must break the power and control of the theocrats if we are to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We must have leadership that is bold and convicted and not cower being concerned about "they will blame me if I meddle"....

History is indeed repeating itself as the shadow of Sir Neville Chamberlain walks the halls of the White House.

There's your "anti-interventionist," Jane.

Here's an early prediction: if West -- an African-American veteran of several wars conducted by both Bushes -- wins his election, he'll be the #2 guy on the GOP ticket in 2012. And not for being a Paulite isolationist.

(Via Instaputz.)

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