Friday, February 12, 2010


Talking Points Memo is reporting the story of Greg Girard of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, a tea party fan who was charged this week with stockpiling weapons. Found in his stash, according to police, were

military grade weapons, explosive devices including tear gas and pepper ball canisters, camouflage clothing, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests and helmets, and night vision goggles

TPM is digging into his online postings and discovers that he feared that "Federal gangsta's" might kill gun owners in their homes if they tried to prevent confiscation of their weapons. He seemed to believe this would be done under the War Powers Act, and he praised Sarah Palin as

the ONLY ----- ONLY ------ potential presidental (sic) candidate I have seen with the sheer force of will and God-insprined (sic) rightous (sic) determination to bringdown (sic) this 'War Powers' evil."

Me, I've just started looking at his posts, and I discovered this one, which starts out with a very grisly (and wintry) metaphor and builds up to ... um, well, let me just put it bold so you can truly savor it:

I too can envision the creation of a fake crisis to justify forestalling an election that Obama's believes could substantially cull his herd of Marxist minions. If he decides to go forward with such move, and install himself as a defacto dictator, we can be certain this affront to the civilized world will be a long planned maneuver. Accordingly, one can only assume that he will deploy, or have at the ready, every member of the armed services and federal agencies that can carry a firearm. The whole security machine will be on high alert, ready, willing, and able to unleash death on any actual or perceived threat. If patriots were to launch a campaign to restore the Constitution during Obama's ill-fated crisis, the timing of the act would be on a par with a plan to shut off a running snowblower only after one has reached into the turning blade to clear a blockage. For those unfamiliar with snowblowers, every year attempts to knock out and clear blockages, without first turning the snowblower off, result having one both arms torn off at the shoulder, as if effortless plucked off by a giant (who says to the other giant: "don't worry, they can't feel pain" :)

Indeed, it may require retraint and patience to bide one's time. But for a political movement to respond to an affront with complete predictability, and at time when one's adversary is at it acme of readiness, is to provide the perfect justification for the adversary to make the most of its heightened ability to crush any action by the patriots, and to extend the use of force as far back into communities as possible to disarm anyone it can, to cart off dissidents or suspected dissidents to concentration camps, and to "make examples" out selected victims. This pattern I describe is so common in Marxist regimes that it is truly a well worn path. In general, I would prefer to slay the dragon when he's sleeping, or have a sexy she-dragon seduce him and kill him with poison dragon lipstick.

Gosh, I wonder what lipstick-wearing she-slayer he might have in mind.


UPDATE: In comments, Aimai makes an excellent point:

I do wish someone would ask Scott Brown to denounce this guy. I hear they are both white.

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