Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From a CBS story about Toyota's series of safety problems (video here):

DEAN REYNOLDS, CBS NEWS: Not everyone's on Toyota's case, though. Governors with Toyota plants in their states have now taken up the company's cause, suggesting the federal government -- which owns 60 percent of General Motors, by the way -- may have an ulterior motive. Indiana has two Toyota plants employing 5,300 workers.

GOVERNOR MITCH DANIELS (R-INDIANA): Government went in the car business, and here they are beating up on one of their direct competitors.

Right, Mitch. Toyota has no safety problems. The whole thing is just invented out of whole cloth because the evil fascist in the White House has a sick desire to seize and control American auto companies for sport. So pay no attention to the evil capitalist-hater's plot, Mr. and Mrs. America; grab the kiddies and hop in that Toyota.

For these people, there really is no point at which Obama Derangement Syndrome is overriden by other concerns, is there?

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