Monday, February 01, 2010


Fouad Ajami, for writing this in a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled "The Obama Spell Is Broken" (emphasis added):

But no sooner had the country recovered its poise, it drew a line for Mr. Obama. The "bluest" of states, Massachusetts, sent to Washington a senator who had behind him three decades of service in the National Guard, who proclaimed his pride in his "army values" and was unapologetic in his assertion that it was more urgent to hunt down terrorists than to provide for their legal defense.

Wow -- Massachusetts, of all states, sent a guy to the Senate who's actually worn a military uniform! What a 180! Something like that could never have happened prior to the mass disillusionment with Obama!

The state also voted for Kerry for president once, after a campaign in which he pledged to "destroy" Osama bin Laden and his fellow terrorists, and in which he campaigned frequently with fellow Vietnam veterans -- but Kerry lost that year to two draft-dodgers who'd allowed bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora and then ignored him after that.

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