Thursday, February 25, 2010


You probably know about the new lunatic conspiracy theory on the right:

... that the Obama administration manipulated the redesign of the Missile Defense Agency to look like his campaign logo. This theory then evolved to claims that the new logo incorporates the Islamic crescent as well....

This nutty conspiracy theory was escalated by Frank Gaffney, who sees it as explaining Obama’s rationale behind his cuts to missile defense. How so? Well because he is a secret Muslim of course, which since all Muslims are out to destroy America, means Obama is out to do the same....

Here, of course, is the Obama campaign logo:

And, yeah, the new Missile Defense Agency logo does look vaguely like it, and does kinda have a crescent and star:

But check out the red striped swoosh on the new MDA logo. Notice the way it curves around and comes to a point. It's obvious where we've seen that before:

In the logo of football's New England Patriots!

So now we know why the fiendishly clever Obama administration is changing the logo -- it's outreach to Scott Brown! It's all about playing on the regular-guy senator's deep and abiding love for local sports ... just so he'll occasionally vote for cloture!

Hey, Scott voted for that jobs bill, and it passed. So I guess the subterfuge by the wily White House is working....

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