Saturday, February 27, 2010


ABC News:

The endless winter of 2010...kept not ending today, with more than 20 inches of snow crippling New York City....

"Crippling"? Not really. I guess 20 inches fell -- it was snowing for the better part of two days -- but 20 inches didn't stick, for the simple reason that it's kinda warm here, relatively speaking. Here's the view out the front door of my building:

Snowy, yes, but cataclysmic? Not so much.

I bring this up because winter storms feed the wingnuts' global warming denialism. But it rained here all day Tuesday. Parts of Maine -- Maine! -- got 8 inches of rain in this storm. Yes, there were really big snows, in, say, the mountains of upstate New York. But here in the city, we've seen much, much worse.

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