Saturday, February 06, 2010


In Rupert Murdoch's media empire, New York Post columnist Charles Hurt was assigned the task of telling the tea party crowd that if they don't abandon all this silly talk of political independence and purity, they're ... defying the intentions of the Founding Fathers. No, really, I'm serious. And Hurt did as he was told -- see his column in today's Post:

... Folks here at the Tea Party movement's first national "convention" ... are principled people who are quick to point out that even worse than being a liberal of the enemy Democratic camp is being a Republican unfaithful to conservatism.

But they have a big problem.

Outside this protected political snow globe, all their idealism crashes and falls apart against the rocky shoals of reality.

The political world they want to influence is a world of compromise and accommodation. It is no place for "purity" and that is precisely how the American Founding Fathers designed it....

In every one of their attempts to punish unfaithful Republicans, they have either failed to win or simply handed the seat over to Democrats....

But that may be changing.

Tea Party organizers now say they want to get serious about harnessing their powerful movement toward getting strong conservatives elected to office.

"Simply responding with emotion does not get people elected," said Mark Skoda, a Tea Party organizer from Memphis....

(Skoda is, of course, the guy putting together the tea party-branded Ensuring Liberty Corporation, which The Wall Street Journal tells us, "is meant to run in conjunction with the Republican Party.")

But really -- invoking the Founding Fathers? How badly does Murdoch want the GOP to own the tea party name?

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