Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wow. This is Remarkable. Or Maybe I mean Insane.

The White House had no Massachusetts health care contingency plan, not discussing the possibility a Democratic loss would dramatically imperil their legislative efforts, a top adviser said today.

President Obama's senior advisor David Axelrod said there "wasn't much discussion" about an alternative path to passing health care with just 59 Democrats in the Senate because there was "widespread assumption was that that seat was safe."

"The truth is the flares went up about 10 days before that election," Axelrod said during a briefing today with reporters and opinion-makers.

You know, this is unforgiveable. Just totally unforgiveable. I never had any problem at all with Bush moving Rove into the White House. I mean, I objected to the running of major political and moral events as though they were only campaign elements--like, say, bombing an innocent civilian population and calling it the "rolling out of a new program" like it was candy for seniors. But I think its only natural that in a two party system where the President's entire domestic agenda depends on maintaining a 60 vote margin in the Senate the President get some dedicated advice and information about key electoral battles around the country. We've tossed around the word "political malpractice" quite a bit. This is a stunning example. And its one of the reasons I've complained about the lack of feedback from ground level operatives like OFA. They went from being very tuned in to what was happening at the State Level to being a totally top down organization that is entirely unresponsive to information from Obama's actual voters. We could have told him that Coakley was in trouble. But they aren't set up that way anymore.

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