Thursday, January 28, 2010


From a poll of swing voters conducted by Democracy Corps before and after the State of the Union address:

Entering the evening, swing voters in this group agreed with a 48 to 16 percent plurality saying Obama "puts Wall Street ahead of the middle class." But after the speech, the number disagreeing with that statement jumped a remarkable 50 points, to 66 percent. Moreover, Obama saw a 38-point increase in support for his banking reform plan and a 40-point increase in the percent saying that he "stands up to special interests." Obama's strong words for the banks clearly resonated and generated some of the strongest scores on our dials of the night from Democrats, Republicans and independents.


... his vow to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs ... saw the single highest rating of the night.

Every terrified congressional Democrat who sees doom in the offing come November 2010 needs to grasp this. You all play by the rules of Wall Street and big business because you think otherwise you'll be attacked and defunded and you won't get reelected. Well, guess what? If you stick with that course of action, you really won't get reelected.

But turn on your plutocrat masters? That's a game-changer. And isn't that what you're looking for? A game-changer? Could it possibly be handed to you on a bigger platter?

A caveat from the pollsters:

Unlike most [Obama] attributes that shifted during the speech, "promises things that sound good but won't be able get them done" remained very high (78 percent pre-speech to 74 percent post-speech). The "shifters" in these post-speech focus groups are waiting for results....

Congressional Dems? They're waiting for results from you, too -- on jobs and, yes, on health care ... and on reducing some of the grotesque inequity in this society between the have-nots and the have-everythings.

Your move.

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