Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We thought we could fool them into thinking that the resignations of Byron Dorgan and Christopher Dodd were a setback for Democrats. But we've been found out! This wingnut blogger has figured out our evil secret plan!!!

...My first thought was rats abandoning a sinking ship with the prospect of an even bigger electoral swing. [But] it hit me that this is going to be very bad news for the country.

As long as the prospect of losing an election was in the back of their minds, we have some leverage over these democrats concerning Obamacare. There was the possibility that they might be persuaded to kill the bill.

But like Japanese pilots in world war 2 they have decided to give their seats to the emperor of socialism government healthcare. The prospect of changing the country and creating a dependent population is too juicy, the post congressional rewards given by the party are too lucrative, their loyalty/fear of party and the powers behind it overrides any worry about what the voters think or what the bill actually contains.

The prospect of regaining an inordinate amount of seats pales before the prospect of this bill passing. Once passed it will NEVER be repealed and the damage to the country will be significant. These Kamikaze Democrats will give up their seats for Soros the sake of Obamacare....

Dodd and Dorgan's secret -- unveiled! They don't want to be reelected! They don't want to be popular in their respective states! They want to seize power for the great Sorosist cabal, destroying America in the process!

And though this guy doesn't say it in so many words, I'm sure he believes Democrats are destroying the country knowingly and deliberately. David Bernstein of The Boston Phoenix, in a year-end roundup of the biggest-selling right-wing books of the year, summed up the wingnut groupthink:

...these writers say: our liberal leaders are not "wrong" -- rather, they are lying.

Democrats don't actually believe that their policies will work, they write -- nobody could be that stupid.

[Glenn] Beck repeatedly accuses liberals of lying in
Common Sense. "The snakes responsible for this scheme know that it isn't going to work," he writes at one point....

Democrats use these lies to deceive Americans while concealing their true motivations, write [Dick] Morris and [Eileen] McGann. The authors repeatedly claim that liberal policies -- including the economic-stimulus package, immigration reform, and changing of unionization rules -- are driven not by a desire to improve people's lives, but to turn them into government-dependent Democratic voters....

Several of the authors claim that liberal leaders are pushing climate change concerns not because they fear for the planet, but because they want to increase government control over business and the economy. [Mark] Levin adds a twist to this theory: liberals despise the automobile, which "provides the individual with a tangible means to exercise his independence through mobility." Clever statists.

Yes, very, very clever statists -- not above destroying their own political careers in order to accrue more power for the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy!!!!

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