Monday, January 25, 2010


Let's see ... who comes in for criticism in this post by Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit (click to enlarge)?

Criticism of Obama? Check.

Criticism of the NAACP (for its refusal to condemn Harry Reid's "light-skinned Negro" comment on Obama)? Check.

Criticism of Larijani or the Iranian regime? Why, er, no, I don't see anything of the sort in this post.

I might not mention it except for the fact that this clownish blog is now published by First Things, a Christian right site founded by the very influential Father Richard John Neuhaus, an adviser to presidents before his death last year.

But Hoft, of course, is just rank-ordering enemies the way most of the top wingnuts do: yeah, sure, they hate those who are trying to kill us or would like us dead or brought to heel ... but they hate liberals and Democrats more. If they could eliminate our foreign foes from the face of the earth or see all liberals and Democrats wiped out, they'd choose the latter every time.

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