Tuesday, January 12, 2010


From Rumproast yesterday:

Of All the Juicy Bits, Race is the Biggest Story

... No doubt, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin's book,
Game Change, fills the definition of political gossip and then some. With stories about Elizabeth Edwards' hysteria and controlling manner, rumors of a Bill Clinton affair and more allegations of racial insensitivity and more Palin trivia, why is the media focused on the relatively innocuous quote by Senator Harry Reid in support of Barack Obama's candidacy?

Um, because right-wingers are good at only one thing -- winning battles with their domestic enemies -- and part of that skill is controlling our political narrative by yelling and screaming until everyone is paying attention to whatever they want us to pay attention to, and discussing it in terms of their choosing? A skill they lost temporarily in the late Bush years but have now regained, full strength?

I know the alternate theory is that race is America's permanently unhealed wound, so the Reid story touched something raw and painful, but I'm sticking with my theory.

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